Mezun Oluyorum 2024
Depremzedelere Ergoterapi Desteği
Ankara'ya gelmiş olan tüm depremzedelere, bölümümüze başvurmaları halinde ücretsiz ergoterapi hizmeti verilecektir. Ayrıntılı bilgi...
ZHAW Uluslararası Kış Okulu duyurusu hk.

We are pleased to present the new program for the ZHAW International Winter School 2025.

The Winter School offers study opportunities for approx.150 international students in five different interprofessional courses. Participants can choose from a variety of on-site and online courses in English or German.


Did we spark your interest? You and your students will find the new program and all necessary information on our website.

International Winter School 2025 Website


All courses are now open for registration via our website for students of health professions and social work.


Partner universities:

Please note that a limited number of places will be reserved for students from each of our partner universities until 30 September 2024. Your students can directly register via our website.


Please note that the online payment needs to be completed as part of the registration process.


Please be aware that courses have limited capacity, and some of them rely on a good mix of different health and social care professionals to deliver the desired benefit. We will do our best to accommodate each student’s first choice, but in some cases, we might ask them to choose an alternative option.

We are looking forward to welcoming students and experiencing an unforgettable and inspiring International Winter School 2025.